Don't Compromise,
Spec MagnaClean®

A magnetic filter range
like no other.

Many have tried to recreate ADEY’s original invention, but none have succeeded in matching the unique features that make MagnaClean the leading magnetic filter.

MagnaClean filters protect components such as boilers, pumps, and chillers from failing, reduces energy bills and carbon emissions, prolongs system life, and protects your reputation. Find out more below.

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Overview Booklet.

Step into the rarity of the MagnaClean range.
This booklet will provide you with the key features and benefits of each of our commercial product ranges.

Engineer Specs.

Want to add MagnaClean to your hydronic designs?

Download our Specs below!


Hull DRX Case Study for website
Hull DRX Case Study for website (1)
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CAD Files.

Find all of our CAD drawing files via BIMStore.

Visit the website below.

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